Aqua gym and exercises

First time in chennai max fitness is started regular aqua gym classes.

Doing aqua aerobics is a great way to stay in shape, and it is one exercise that is safe and effective for pregnant women and anyone who needs a low impact workout.

What is aqua aerobics?

Aqua gym, also known as aqua-size or water aerobics, is a low impact workout that offers tremendous results. It is essentially the same as a regular aerobics class, but since it's done in the water, it's much easier on your joints and muscles. It also helps to strengthen the body because the water offers resistance when completing the motions required.

Generally, the class consists of dance like movements, and we often set to music. Our trainers will usually stand on the deck of the pool so that you can see exactly what he or she is doing.

Who can do aqua gym?

Almost anyone can do aqua gym. Since there is almost no impact on the joints and muscles, people who are unable to do other types of exercise are more likely to be comfortable doing aqua aerobics. As mentioned earlier, pregnant women can do aqua gym without much trouble. It's a great way to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy. People who are overweight or in poor shape can also benefit from doing aqua gym, as it can help to strengthen the body and promote weight loss.

Even people who can't swim can do aqua gym, since classes are generally held in the shallower areas of the pool.

What do I need to do aqua gym?

You'll want a towel, swim suit and maybe a swim cap. This may include things like paddle boards, aqua nuddles, water weights(aqua dumbells), aqua blocks, which work like barbells, a floatation belt, which can help you to maintain erect posture in deep water, or pool shoes.

What are the benefits to doing aqua gym?

As previously mentioned, one huge benefit of aqua gym is that almost anyone can do it. Plus, a 45 minute class can burn as much as 500 calories, sweat free. Also, it may feel "too easy", but rest assured, your body is working hard. You'll notice as the workout goes on that you feel more fatigued, and if you've not worked out in awhile, you may notice the next day that your muscles feel rubbery or tight. This means that the workout is doing its job!

Pregnant women will benefit especially because giving birth is significantly less stressful on a body that is in shape, as opposed to one that's in poor shape.

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