Myths and Facts

More hours spent in the gym leads to better results

In reality: If you think making the gym your second home is a great way to get results, think again. Overtraining is a surefire way to stop any muscle growth -- instead of your body rebuilding its muscle tissues, it'll continue to break it down. This means you'll actually start to lose muscle. You need to train smarter, not harder. When you are in the gym, give 110%. Push your muscles, then give them the rest they need to grow bigger and stronger. Make sure to do cardio training. If your workouts are taking much longer than an hour, chances are you are either wasting too much time between sets, or you're not training in the most effective manner.

If cardio is part of your training, you won't gain any muscle

In reality: Since performing cardio may make gaining muscle a little harder, it doesn't make it impossible. Remember: Since you are going to be burning more calories while doing your cardio, you'll need to ensure you are making up for these lost calories in your diet. This is so you still maintain the surplus of calories needed to gain muscle mass. Focus your cardio sessions on shorter sprints rather than on longer endurance ones; this will probably aid your strength training.

Muscle turns into fat

In reality: Just as fat can't transform into muscle, muscle won't transform into fat. Building muscle and losing body fat are two completely different processes and, while this can be done simultaneously, it is very rare. Most of the time, you need to focus on one objective before you can focus on another. This is so because, in order to gain muscle, you must consume more calories than you burn and, in order to lose body fat, you must burn more calories than you consume.

If your parents are overweight, chances are you will be too

In reality: Obesity is slightly genetic, however, there are a great number of factors that you can do to reduce your chances of becoming overweight. A good portion of weight gain is attributed to environmental factors, such as overeating, the rise of automated technology replacing manual tasks and a decreased rate of exercising. Instead of relaxing on the couch after work and diving into a bowl of potato chips, take a trip to the gym first. You'll be more energized and it'll help you take the necessary steps to defy any bad genetics that may be at play in your body. So, attaining the ultimate physique all boils down to this: genetics, a great fitness program and a proper diet.

If You’re Not Going to Work Out Hard and Often, Exercise Is a Waste of Time.

This kind of thinking keeps a lot of people from maintaining or even starting an exercise program. Research continues to show that any exercise is better than none. For example, regular walking or gardening or using the stairs instead lift for as little as an hour a week has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Water Fitness Programs Are Primarily for Older People or Exercisers With Injuries.

Recent research has shown that water fitness programs can be highly challenging and effective for both improving fitness and losing weight. Even top athletes integrate water fitness workouts into their training programs.

You can eat anything you want, as long as you exercise.

One of the most common misconceptions of all times, following this myth can be potentially dangerous. Studies show that not all the fat we take in through junk food shows up on the surface; some amount tends to get deposited on the body organs as visceral fat, which is highly dangerous to your health. It’s okay to indulge once in a while, but if you practically live on junk food, it’s time to make serious changes to your diet.

Women who weight train become more masculine and muscular.

Many women avoid weight training as they’re afraid of looking muscular and ‘manly’. The truth is, however, that merely weight lifting alone is not responsible for the muscular appearance. Testosterone, a male hormone, is essential for the hyper-muscular look and women have this in very small quantities. So don’t shy away from the dumbbells any more.


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